Ways to feel abundant when there’s not that much to go around

You’ve probably heard it before: to attract abundance, you have to feel abundant. But how do you feel abundant when your car needs a repair you don’t have the money for, your boss is hinting at layoffs and a medical bill just came in for more than you were expecting?

It feels cruel to say that you need to feel abundant to be abundant. That feels like a catch-22. You need connections to get the deal. You need perfect credit to get the loan. Is it a losing battle?

It isn’t.

The truth is that abundance is your birthright. That’s not some woo-woo nonsense. It just is. Why would the universe be set up for some people but not others? It makes no sense.

I’ve found that the hardest part of abundance work is the internal work one needs to do to believe that abundance is possible, even with the crazy medical bill, or the broken-down car. Knowing that you can step into abundance is so much harder than casting a circle or successfully completing a spell. It’s harder than getting the herbs, it’s easier than learning the words. It’s the real work of abundance witchery, to be honest. The rest is just the after.

So here are some of the most powerful internal shifts you can work on to start stepping into the flow of abundance:

  1. Remove the phrase “I can’t afford it” from your vocabulary. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you say “I can’t afford it?” Deprived? Maybe a little resentful. But… what do you say when you, ya know, actually can’t afford it? A few options include: “That’s not in my budget right now,” or “I’m not choosing to spend money on that right now.” What’s the difference? “I can’t afford it” takes all the power out of your hands. You’re deprived and there’s nothing you can do. “I’m not choosing to spend money on that right now,” or “I haven’t budgeted for that,” puts you in the driver’s seat. Because the truth is that if you want something bad enough, you can get it. That’s not some victim-blaming: that’s just the case. If you decided, for example, that there was nothing more important to you than having a boat, you could make that goal happen. It might take painful choices you might be crazy to make, but, say, if you sold your house, or got two more jobs, you could probably get that boat. You’re choosing not to do that, and that’s fine. But you’re in control. Watch how that internal shift frees you up around money.
  2. Give. “But, wait,” you may say. “I need. What am I going to give?” The answer is: what you can. When I was trying to do some abundance work for myself early on, I took to leaving $1 bills in public places with a little note that read, “A gift for you.” I never saw anyone pick up the bills, but the thought that I was putting even the tiniest smile on someone’s face made me feel rich beyond measure. It put me in the right abundance flow to accept abundance into my own life.
  3. Visualize. You may think you’re spending a lot of time thinking about how great it will be when you have all the abundance you want. But, if you observe carefully, what you are probably actually spending a lot of time thinking about is what you don’t have and want. There’s a difference. When you envision abundance, do your best to feel it as if all you long for is yours right now. It is an expansive, satisfied feeling. Do your best to cast aside the thoughts of, “But this is not true!” Feel the feeling. It’s one of the most powerful things you can do to step into abundance.
  4. Create a “yes, and” life. What does that mean? Have you ever been frustrated by your boss? Irritated by wanting something and not having it? That’s a “no” life. A “yes, and” life is using your frustrations to fuel your dreams. A “yes, and” response to being annoyed by your boss could sound something like, “Yes, my boss is micromanaging me, and that’s frustrating, and I’m grateful for the lifestyle this job affords me.” Or it could sound like, “Yes, my boss is annoying me, and I’m going to use that frustration to fuel my resolution to write a book and query an agent this year.” A yes, and life puts you in charge, instead of just fuming about what’s frustrating or not working.
  5. Be kind to yourself. Imagine a little treat you’d give a friend, and give it to yourself. (You can also give it to your friend, of course!). Give yourself that little treat. Watch your internal monologue, and when you catch yourself engaged in negative self-talk, ask yourself what you’d think if someone was talking that way about someone you cared about. Someone is! Unfortunately, both those someones are you. So cultivate a more loving internal monologue. Abundance witchery takes energy, and you deplete your energy when you get down on yourself. You are your own best champion, so treat yourself like the queen that you are.

That’s it! A few simple tips for slipping into the stream of abundance, even when thing look hard. You’ll get there. I believe in you.