burning bay leaves for money

Burning bay leaves for money spell

Burning bay leaves for money is one of the simplest things you can do to bring wealth to you in a hurry.

Bay leaves have a long and illustrious history in association to success. Remember those wreaths you’ve seen on old-timey vases and statues, the kind that Olympians were given when they won their event? They were made of bay leaves. They’ve been a powerful symbol of victory and success for over two thousand years… and there’s a reason for that.

Energetically, bay laurel leaves have a clean and uplifting vibe. And, like so much wonderful money magic, it doesn’t take a journey to a far-off place or an expensive purchase. You’ll find bay leaves in any supermarket. I love buying them green, and drying them flat between two sheets of waxed paper and under something heavy. I use my selenite plates to really cleanse their energy. But a heavy book works just as well.

Burning bay leaves for money is just as simple as that: that a bay leaf, whisper your wish to it, and burn. (Have a fire-safe dish at hand, of course!). If you want to do something a bit more elaborate, here are a few options.

You’ll need:

A magical ink. I like Oak Gall ink. The juice of a pomegranate (also considered a wealth attractant) works well too. If none of these are available, remember, finding substitutes does not make your spell weaker… it makes you resourceful!

A well-dried bay leaf.

Time to create a sacred space.

Your intention

  1. Sit in a place where you will not be disturbed. Clear your mind, and cast your circle or cleanse your space. It can be as easy as speaking the words, “This space is sacred, so mote it be,” or burning an incense whose scent you love.
  2. Take your ink and write your specific desire on the bay leaf. Burning bay leaves for money is most effective when you are specific in your request.
  3. Wait for the ink to dry, and speak the desire to the leaf and to any spirits or deities you have found to be helpful in your spellwork. It’s okay if you can’t think of any… the words that come to you are the ones you need.
  4. When the ink is dry (and in a well-ventilated area!), set the bay leaf on fire. You may want to use tongs so you can hold it as it burns completely. Picture your wish going out into the universe, where what you want is already speeding its way to you.

That’s it! imagine yourself victorious and successful in all your endeavors, and let go of outcome. What you need is already finding its way to you.