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Five abundance practices for the dark moon

The dark moon phase is the roughly three days when no moon is visible in the sky. (Not to be confused with the New Moon, which is when the first sliver of a moon first appears). It’s a great time for dark moon spells and other abundance work.

The dark moon is a powerful and mystical time, perfect for witches to do their work. Unlike the negative connotations that “dark” sometimes has in our culture (as opposed to the virtue of “light”) those of us in the earth-focused traditions know that the dark times are as important as the light. We can’t be healthy and focused if we don’t “go dark” when we sleep. There is no inherent good or bad in either light or dark.

That said, the dark moon time calls for different work than the full moon time. The dark moon is about renewal, insight, looking within, rest. It’s excellent for banishing spells, protection rituals, soul searching, and divination.

If that’s the case, and abundance work is about increase and growth, what can we do to advance our abundance work during the dark moon? Here are five things you can do:

  1. Road opening. Abundance work is about drawing things to you, that’s true. But sometimes for us to slip into the flow of abundance, we first need to clear obstacles. Some of those obstacles are within (feelings of unworthiness or hopelessness) and some of them are outside ourselves. The dark moon is the perfect time to do a road opening spell. A quick dark moon spell: dress a white candle with Van Van Oil or Road Opener oil, and pray for your road ahead to be clear.
  2. Divination. Opening to abundance means being open to things as they are. If you’re pushing hard for a goal and it doesn’t seem to be materializing, you may need to work harder sure. But you may need to consider a new path. Today is a good day to pull out your tarot cards and ask for guidance. A simple three-card spread will give you insight, or do a full Celtic cross for a fuller picture.
  3. Release. Grief can be a big block to abundance. Why? Because when you’re mourning what you didn’t get but wanted so very much, it’s hard to get yourself in the vibration of abundance. If you have grief, even seemingly unrelated grief, the dark moon is a good time to begin to let go. What does your old break-up have to do with your abundance work? Energetically, it’s eating up attention and intention you could be using to feel ease and flow. Let it go. A quick release dark moon spell: write the name of the person or the circumstance on a piece of paper (a strip cut off a brown paper bag is ideal), with dragon’s blood ink if you have some (regular ink if you don’t). Burn it in a fire-safe dish. Affirm that you’re releasing the pain and sadness.
  4. Meditation. A witch always benefits from stillness, but never as much as on the dark moon. We get our inklings and our insights in the quiet times. Give yourself the gift of meditation today, even if it’s just for five minutes.
  5. Space clearing your living area. Proponents of space clearing often recommend the full moon for this work. And the fact is that your living area can always benefit from some psychic cleansing, so you shouldn’t be too precious about the timing of your space clearing. But the dark moon space clearing can be focused around releasing anything that doesn’t serve you. Ring your favorite bell, or burn some frankincense and myrrh incense. If you’re feeling ambitious, boil up some Abre Camino, hyssop and rue, and mop your floors with it (spray it on rugs). If you’re mopping, add Van Van oil. (Careful putting oils in spray bottles. A teaspoon of vodka mixed in should stop the oil from gumming up the works). While you’re at it, reserve a cup of the mixture and add it to a bath, asking your deities to cleanse you and open your path in the kindest and gentlest way possible.

That’s it! The time of the dark moon can be one of great renewal and insight, so be gentle with yourself, drink lots of water, eat good foods, and open up to the possibilities in your life.

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