Of all the things that bring people to spellcraft, money spells rank at the top. After all, money is the basis of so many things: safety, health, well-being. Even love can be affected by whether you’ve got the funds to handle your life… hence, the popularity of money spells.

Money spells can range from beautifully simple to incredibly complex. They’re great spells to work, because effects can be seen easily and quickly. So if you’re looking to attract money and manifest abundance, you’ve got a lot of power at your disposal.

As with all spellwork, the most important thing is intent. What, specifically, do you want? Here at Abundance Witchery, we’re not fans of keeping your wishes small. If you just need a few bucks for an unexpected bill, great, aim for that. But if you want to aim for the big, impossible dream, you’ve got that in you too. You’ve just got to be ready to do the work.

Next is an abundant state of mind. This is simple but sometimes far from easy. That’s because when we need something, it’s hard to get ourselves in a place of putting out the energy we’d have if we already had the thing. Still, it’s important to work on that. Note what makes you feel safe, like you’ve got everything you need. Maybe it’s a song. Maybe it’s a piece of poetry. Maybe it’s a cool scene from a movie where the main character is crushing it. Whatever it is, note that feeling, and work on harnessing that. You’ll need it to make your money spells as effective as they can be.

Cultivating a life of abundance is rewarding, exciting… and ongoing! You can always do a little more to improve your practice. So whether you’ve just found your way to your first page about money spells, or you’re a lifelong practicing witch, welcome. There’s something here for you.

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