beeswax money spells

The power of beeswax in money spells

Curious about beeswax money spells? It’s well known that one of the most powerful money spells you can perform are in the category of money candle magic. Candles are great magical conduits for a variety of reasons: they’re easy to hold as you focus all your energy on your goal, the use the creative energy of fire, and you can inscribe them or place them on top of petition papers with your magical spell or wish on them.

In our shop, you’ll see many types of candles, and each have their power and their place. It’s undeniable, however, that beeswax bring a special kind of magic to your money wealth spells, and while they don’t need to be your only type of candle for abundance work, you should consider at least making them part of the mix. Here’s why:

Beeswax is among the most organic and life-filled material we use for candles. Other materials are also great (soy in particular). But beeswax is the product of the work of thousands of creatures, hard-working, enterprising small beings. Worker bees craft it into their honeycomb… their home.

A whiff of pure beeswax smells alive and bountiful. A beeswax candle burns strong and pure. It is said that beeswax candles are the only kind of candle that actually clean the air as they burn. Beeswax carries with it the undeniable energy of abundance, of creatures who aren’t afraid to work hard for the collective greater good.

The one downside with beeswax is that it can be expensive. If you’re doing abundance work, chances are what you need is to attract money, not spend more. But there are affordable ways to incorporate beeswax into your money candle magic without breaking the bank. One of my favorite way is to use these fantastic little tapers, which are about half the thickness of your pinky (or smaller, depending on your pinkies!). They burn for about 30 to 40 minutes, and so are perfect for burning all the way through while you cast your spell and focus on your goal.

I cast my own beeswax candles (and sometimes mix in a little bayberry wax, another well-known abundance attractant). You can see a beeswax/bayberry wax mixed candle in the image to this post. The tall one is the mix, the others are pure beeswax.

One thing to note is that if you do buy these slim beeswax chime candles, it can be a bit tricky to learn to get them to stand. You drip 3 or 4 drops of wax on your candleholder, then hold the bottom of the candle firmly in place until it dries. If this sounds hard to you, you can fill a mug halfway with rice and plant them firmly in the rice. Another alternative is to buy this version of the candles instead, which comes with two stands. If all that sounds too complicated, beeswax tea light candles are a great choice too. Just remember that tea light candles will burn for several hours, so snuff them out when you’re not watching them, as with all candles, of course. Never leave candles unattended.

Simple beeswax money spells – abundance spell:

  1. Cast your circle, or if that is not your tradition, simply get still and quiet and invite whatever benevolent spirits feel right to you. If you don’t know which those are, you can say, “Spirits that watch out for me, I call for your help now.”
  2. Hold beeswax candle between your hands. If you like anointing your candles with a spiritual oil for extra potency, I really love this one.
  3. Say the words, “In gratitude I hold the product of so much enterprise and work. I open to the powers of abundance and community and luck. I open to always finding my flower, to always being supported as the hive supports the bee. I accept abundance into my life now.”
  4. Say any other words that feel right to you, staying in this moment of blessing the candle for as long or as short as feels right. The trick is to feel as grateful and as open to receiving as you possibly can. When you feel ready, light the candle, saying, “As this light burns bright, so I call out for wealth and riches to find me. This beeswax is a beacon calling abundance to me and mine. With gratitude for every creature and person who worked to provide it to me.”
  5. Thank any spirits you’ve invited to participate in your work. If you haven’t done that part, then no need. As with all spell work, only do the parts that feel instinctively right and which please you.

That’s it! Best wishes as always in all your abundance work.


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