witchy things to do to increase abundance

10 Witchy and Not-So-Witchy Things to Do This Weekend to Increase Abundance

Weekends are often when we have more time. It’s cool to relax and unwind, but it’s easy to sneak in a few witchy abundance witchery tricks. Even if you don’t have time for a full-fledged ceremony with special herbs and a full circle cast, you can do one or more of these small gestures to put you in the flow of abundance.

  1. Walk in nature. Abundance is fed through your root chakra, and your root chakra is opened and cleansed when you spend time close to nature. A quick walk in a park does the trick just as well as a long hike does. Be sure to go somewhere were you can see far, and focus on the silence and the peace. I’m not saying a stack of bills will be waiting when you’re home, but you’d be surprised how these small things add up.
  2. Get ten $1 bills (or $5s if you’re feeling really abundant), stick a Post-It on each one saying, “This is for you!” and leave them anonymously in public places, feeling really abundant as you do. Attracting abundance into your life is about being sure that abundance flows, not just to you, but through you to help others. Even though $1 is symbolic, doing this with an open and grateful heart can work miracles. A fun side activity on a trip to the mall.
  3. Leave a random gift for a neighbor. Leave a friend an anonymous box of their favorite cookies, or a deck of cards. Totally okay if these are re-gifted (well, not the cookies, obviously). Works on the same principle as #2.
  4. Write a tiny note as if you already had something you really want. (Example: “I enjoy and give thanks for the gown I wanted for that party.”). Fold it up and put it under a tea light candle. As the candle burns, know that your wish is making its way to you. Follow any gut instincts you get (like dropping by the store… maybe you’ll find it’s on sale for much less than retail and suddenly it’s affordable).
  5. Take an abundance bath. These can be fancy or elaborate or you can brew some up yourself by putting some honey or cane sugar in your bath, and imagining as you soak that abundance and opportunities are “sweetened” and drawn to you. If you’re feeling like doing a bit more, try parsley and cinnamon boiled up, then added to the bath. (But at always, test a patch of skin first, as some people react to cinnamon, and skip this one if you’re pregnant, nursing, or have any medical condition or allergies).
  6. Sprinkle a bit of alfalfa or dried parsley across your front threshold, inviting wealth to come to you.
  7. Meditate. No special petitions or fancy spell work… just be still and clear your mind for ten minutes. The more you meditate, the more you work the same muscle that helps you manifest your dreams.
  8. Dance. At a club, sure, or in your pajamas in your bedroom, headphones in. Moving your body is great for your root chakra and the flow of abundance to you.
  9. Take extra special care of a furry creature today. If you’ve got a dog, or a cat (or a ferret or a llama), spend some time petting it and speaking to it lovingly. If you don’t, leave out some nuts for the neighborhood squirrels or volunteer at an animal shelter. Animals naturally feel safe and at home in the world far more than humans do, and being around that energy helps keep you grounded and open to abundance (why do you think we witches so often have cats?). Cats have everything they need whenever they need it and they can pass that magic on to you.
  10. Wear green. It’s not just for St. Patrick’s Day, witches! Green is the color of abundance. Whether it’s a whole outfit or a small bracelet, green helps you vibrate with abundance (although, full disclosure, a fully green romper may take some explaining. Plan accordingly). As with all things, the trick is to do it mindfully. Every time you notice the bracelet (or the romper, or the scarf), feel the abundance being drawn to you.

That’s it! Pick one or pick all, and make it an abundant weekend.