magical herbs for money

Magical herbs for money

One of the most popular questions I get is what are magical herbs for money? It’s true that magic is all around us. Herbs are one of the easiest ways to do your abundance work, whether you’re new to the work or you’re a seasoned practitioner. You should know that there is a centuries’ old tradition of wise folk using herbs to achieve their goals, including the goal of increasing their abundance. So, welcome. You’re in good company.

Here are several I’ve had great success with. The best part? You probably have several of these magical herbs for money in your cupboards already.

  1. Cinnamon: great for adding spice to a drink or a dish, did you know cinnamon has a long and well-reputed history as an herb for attracting prosperity? Boiled with its partner, parsley, it makes a powerful abundance bath. (If you’re pregnant, consult your doctor). Even if you can’t bathe in it, you can sprinkle this on your wallet, sprinkle some in your shoe, or just leave it in a beautiful vessel where it will dissipate into your air and surround you with its beautiful energy.
  2. Basil: if you’ve got a spot where you can grow a little basil plant, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. Besides being a yummy and healthy addition to a caprese salad, basil is a well known magical herb for money. One of my first rituals of spring is to plant two healthy plants in the planters on steps. It’s not cold-hardy, so if you live somewhere there it gets down to freezing in the winter, you’ll have to plant them every year (or bring them indoors).
  3. Cinquefoil: sometimes used in gambling luck spells, cinquefoil is a great all-around magical herb for money. Use it to dress candles, or write a petition paper (a magical request for money), sprinkle a little cinquefoil on it, fold it toward you, and put it on your altar.
  4. Alfalfa: a plant with some of the deepest taproots, alfalfa is known as a great fertilizer and a nutritious snack for greens-eating animals. It is also a great magical herb for money. Sprinkle it across thresholds while offering a prayer that abundance be drawn to your home. I sprinkle a bit in my wallet or inside my shoes from time to time.
  5. Catnip. Generally reputed to be a love herb, catnip mixes beautifully with any of the herbs above in your abundance work, particularly if your employment or wealth-plan involves other people thinking well of you. You’ll be irresistible!

That’s it, five quick magical herbs for money. Start using these plant friends today for a more abundant and joy-filled life. As always when dealing with herbs, test a patch of skin to make sure you don’t have a reaction to the herbs (especially before creating a bath with them!). And if you’re pregnant or in delicate health, talk to your doctor. Never ingest anything you’re unsure about without talking with your medical professional.