green candle money magic

Green Candle Money Spell

This green candle money spell can get you results quickly. Here’s what to do.

Throughout time, green has been seen as one of the colors of abundance. Today we tend to think that’s so because green is the color of American money, one of the standards for wealth around the world. But that’s actually backwards. American money is the color it is because green is the color of money. Green symbolizes lush growth, the color of growing things. What looks more abundant than a healthy, thriving forest? No, it’s not money abundance, but when you break it down, abundance is about having plenty – an abundance – of the things you need.

Color correspondences for candle money spells are as old as the workings themselves. You’ve no doubt heard to use red for love, white for friendship… and green for money. This works both on a metaphysical and subconscious level. When you craft a green candle money spell, every time you see the candle burning, you are filled with hope and the positive energy you need to bring about results. You are also letting your intention be known to the spirits you work with: I am open to receive the green… abundance!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A green candle. I like pull-out candles like this one. This is a pull-out candle, which makes it much easier to dress and load. We’ll cover that below.
  • A wealth oil. This can be as simple as some olive oil in which you’ve steeped basil, a well-known wealth botanical you can buy at any grocery store. Or you can try a pre-mixed one. I have had tremendous success with this Life of Luxury Oil from his reputable seller.
  • A mix of abundance herbs. I like cinquefoil, basil and alfalfa. If you don’t want to dry and mix your own abundance herbs, you can also buy these pre-mixed, like this one.
  • A small piece of paper.
  • Some kind of sacred ink and a quill to write with it. If you don’t have sacred ink, feel free to use a regular pen. I like oak gall ink, as I find it gives it a spell an extra oomph. Many people swear by dragon’s blood ink, like his kind. (No actual dragons are harmed in the creation of this ink. The name is based on the botanical used to create it). 🙂

Obviously, it goes without saying that you should only ever burn a candle in a fire-safe container and you should supervise it at all times, and you should not eat or consume the oil or herbs.

Okay, with that, here’s how you create your green candle money spell.

  1. Get quiet and clear your mind. If you are someone who feels best casting a circle, do it at this time. Green candle money spells are generally worked in a waxing moon (when the moon is getting bigger). If you can time it to end on the full moon, great. But if you’re in a pinch, just work when you can. Do so with trust that everything happens as it should when it should and don’t worry about it too much.
  2. If you’re working with a pull-out candle, as suggested above, pull out the wick (it should come free pretty easily) and carve a small hollow at the bottom, a little wider than a quarter. You can usually do this in a few minutes with a paring knife. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just as close to a small cone as possible. Be careful with your fingers!
  3. Rub some of the wealth oil on your palms, hold your cupped hands near your face and whisper, “Abundance, work for me.”
  4. Rub the candle from the bottom up with the wealth oil. If you need to pour a little extra, do so. Be sure to get some in the small hollow you just carved out.
  5. Re-insert the wick and pass it all the way through until it’s poking out the top again.
  6. Now, with the candle upside-down, put a bit of the wealth herbs in the hollow you created. This is called “loading the candle.” Pack them in with your thumb, then, still holding the candle upside down, slip the glass back over the candle. (If you try to turn it over to put it in the glass, the herbs will get everywhere!).
  7. Take your paper, and write a short intention as if it had already happened. So, say, if you’re working the green candle money spell for a raise, write, “I enjoy my $10,000 raise.” If you want to increase sales, write, “My sales grow every day.” You get the picture. Short, to the point, positive, and if it had already happened. I can’t tell you how many present-tense intentions I’ve found written around in notebooks and under spell candles and wondered, “Duh, why would I write something this obvious?” When in fact, at the time of writing it in the present tense, it felt like an impossible dream. Never underestimate the power of writing intentions in the present tense!
  8. Turn the candle right-side-up and place it over the paper. Some people like to put the candle in a vase filled halfway with water, as an extra precaution. If so, it’s totally okay to put the intention paper under the vase, not in the water.
  9. Take a moment to feel how you’ll feel when your spell has done its work. This is important: don’t focus on the lack, or how you wish the thing would happen. Feel it as if it had already happened, the gratitude, the joy, the peace of knowing the spell has worked. Take as little or as much time as you want. This should feel extremely pleasant, a feeling of satisfaction and completion, so enjoy this as long as you’d like.
  10. Speak in to the candle (if this feels awkward or if you live with other people and don’t want them to hear, you can just think it). Say, “By the light of the sun and the joy of the stars, I turn this working to the spirits that watch over me. With health and safety, and for the highest good of all concerned, I call abundance and wealth into my life. The spell is cast, so it is and so it shall ever be.”
  11. Light the candle. If you’ve used a 7-day pull-out and there will be no one to watch it, be sure to extinguish it with a snuffer (or your wet fingers), not blow it out. Then re-light it when you can again watch it safely. If you’re not using a pull-out candle, you can replace small green chime candles and burn one per day for seven days. I like these.

That’s it! I have had excellent success with this green candle money spell. Once cast, let go and know that the universe is aligning things as they need to be aligned for your highest good. Trust, listen to your intuition, and take action toward your goals. For example, if you cast the spell for a raise, make a list of how you’ve helped the company, and ask for that raise in a professional and confident way. If you cast the spell for more sales, make those calls! Magic gives you a boost, but fate favors the bold. Go out and make things happen.

I believe in you! I wish you all the good things you deserve.