Green candle money prayer

Green candle money prayer

You can use this green candle money prayer with or without our Green Candle Money Spell (you can find that here).

Get a green candle. We have several options listed in the shop, or use one you already have.

Get in a quiet spot. (You can cast a circle at this point, but it’s not necessary).

Feel what it will be like when your money prayer is granted. But (this is important!) don’t focus on how much you need the money. Let yourself feel how great it will be when you have the money you’re asking for with the green candle money prayer. Feel positive, and know that it is coming.

The words are:

Mother who watches over us all
Father who shows us the way
Air that surrounds and purifies all
Fire which can light us like day

Water that pours, rushes and roars
Earth that is solid and strong
See me now at the door
Hear as I yearn to belong.

I slip in the stream
Abundant and clean
I ask for my dream
Accept your wealth green.

Abundant and proud
I stand to be seen
My voice clear and loud
Bless this candle green.

To my house bring great wealth
To mine own be thee kind
With love and with health
And peace on our minds.

So it is spoken, so it is.
With gratitude. (Say your name now).

The spell is cast! Go out in the world and work to make your wishes come true!