money chants

Money Chants

“In the beginning was the word.” Many traditions around the world tell of the power of words. Money chants harness the power of the spoken word for magical results.

One of the benefits of money chants is that they are completely free, and can be performed anywhere. No complicated altar set-up or expensive ingredients. Just you and your voice.

Preparation for money chants

Although money chants can be incorporated into any setting at any time, it still helps to perform this as a sacred rite. The setup can be complex – a clearing bath and a circle casting – or as simple as a few cleansing breaths.

Clear your mind as best you can, and invoke the spirits who watch over you. You can name them, or simply offer the blanket invitation: “Spirits that watch over me, benevolent souls, hear my words.”

Fast-acting money chants

Morning money chant

Goddess, mother, sister, crone
I need help from you alone
As I rise and as I wake
I pray for you my burdens to take

I pray the sun to burn away
All the cares I hold today
I pray my purse to fill with coin
I pray myself with wealth rejoin

On this day and in this way
I pray that wealth find me today
I open heart and mind and see
All the wealth you send to me.

Sanskrit money chant

Ancient and powerful, this sanskrit money chant, or mantra, is often recited 108 times, sometimes while using a beaded mala. You can also use your fingers to keep track, closing your fingers for each ten chanted, and adding eight more.

For extra power, recite it 108 times, once in the morning and once at night, for forty days:

Om shrim maha lakshmiyei swaha

Money chant for before bed

First, write your financial goal on a piece of paper. If you’ve got magic ink, use that. If not, the next best thing is a pen with purple (for majesty) or green (for wealth) ink. If none of those are available, a plain pen will do. Some people make this goal their lifetime achievement goal: “Give me $10 million or more so that I may sustain my family for generations.” Some make it really immediate: “Please send me $300 for the car repairs.” Whatever resonates for you is what will work best, although, of course, complex goals generally take longer to manifest.

Lay me down, filled with ease
In my sleep, bring the keys
To abundance and wealth
To love and health.

Lay me down, bring me money
Just like bees rich with honey
This wish I write, this wish I say
Brought to me as night meets day.