money candle magic

Money Candle Magic

Money candle magic is potent, fast, and easily accessible even to the beginner witch. You need very little to get started, and the results can be fast and dramatic.

If you want to get started literally right now, go find a candle (a birthday candle or a tealight candle will do!). Clear your mind, and take several deep breaths. It’s fine if you’re not perfect at this. Hold the candle in your hands, and imagine your wish for abundance as if it had already come true. If it’s an extra hundred dollars for an unexpected bill, imagine someone who cares about you dropping by to give it to you. If it’s a yacht, imagine stepping onto it for the first time. Whether the wish is huge or tiny, muster the energy of the wish already fulfilled. When you’ve got it, raise the candle and whisper to it, “May this or something better now manifest for the highest good of all concerned.” And – this is the tricky part – let go of forcing things to happen. Just believe they will. Light the candle – in a fireproof dish, or in a bowl full of sea salt, safety first! – and give your wish up to the universe or a deity that you resonate with.

Of course money candle magic can get significantly more elaborate than that… but the important part is to remember that money candle magic doesn’t need to be complicated. You can start where you are, with what you have. When you’re ready for more, here are a few other spells that have been known to be powerful and fast-acting.

The first ingredient in all money candle magic, in fact, in all magic, is to very clearly vibrate with the thing you’re trying to bring into existence. This is a lifelong endeavor for most witches, and you get better at it every time you try. Also, your abundance work will build on itself over time. Stay clear on your intentions, and keep coming back to the work. You’ll be amazed by what you can create.

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