Art and the abundant witch

Have you ever caught yourself doodling and noticed just how blank your mind was? Just how effortlessly happy you felt? I’m not talking about art that you were trying to impress someone with, a teacher or a friend. I’m talking about art just for you, something you’d probably call “a doodle,” or, maybe, “nothing much.” A candle you poured yourself. A poem you wrote. A song you sang in the shower.

Abundance magic is about opening to creation. About imagining how things could be, and making them so. That is one of the most artistic things you can do.

Often people ask, “But how do I get better at spellcasting?” They want words of power, or secret spells, or a little-known formula. But the secret formula is available to you right now: create something. Make a collage. Take a jewelry-making class, or a woodworking class, or a welding class. Go to a park, pick up acorns, and make a design with them on your desk.

Everything is creation. The more you practice it without judgement, without wanting a specific outcome, the better you’ll get at slipping into the stream of abundance and claiming what is yours already.