three simple abundance spells to do on a thursday

Three Simple Abundance Spells to do on a Thursday

Thursday is the perfect day to set a reminder in your phone to do an abundance spell. That’s because Thursday’s ruling planet is Jupiter, that big, beautiful giant associated with expansion, success and good fortune. Here are three simple abundance spells to do on a Thursday.

But we’re busy witches, and it’s not like we can crack out the full ritual kit every Thursday, right? The good news is that consistency is just as powerful in abundance work as the big, grand rituals. (“Slow and steady wins the race” really resonates with Thursday’s energy).

So here are three simple abundance gestures you can pencil in for every Thursday.

  1. Gratitude game. Choose three people in your life, and let them know you’re grateful for them in some specific way. There’s no need to tell them why you’re doing it. Just a quick text or an in-person acknowledgement.
    Why this works: creating a practice of gratitude is probably one of the most powerful things you can do to create the energy of abundance around you. Spells are not just about ringing bells and setting up the altar cloth. It’s about your state and your energy.
  2. Tree offering. Leave a little something at the foot of a tree you see regularly. Some ideas include a brief note, a leaf offered up by one of your house plants, or even a little drink of water. The idea is to give the offering with intentionality. You can say (or think) something like, “As we are all bound together in this great, abundant universe, I thank you for the work you do.”
    Why this works: trees do so much of the unappreciated labor of our planet. Acknowledgement of their role puts you in the flow of abundance.
  3. Candle spell. Looking for something a bit more involved? Get a candle (bayberry if you’re feeling extra-ambitious, but any scent you’ve got around will do). Thursdays are the absolute best day for your favorite candle spell. We like a simple abundance petition in a note folded twice toward you. (Your specific request, written as if you’ve already received it. So something like, “I am so grateful for the raise, which allows me to be more generous with my loved ones and helps me pay down my debt effortlessly.”). Dress it with a wealth oil for extra potency. Hold the candle in your hands, and take a moment to feel how you will feel when your work has manifested.
    Why this works: candle spells are an excellent and inexpensive way to focus your energies. They harness the energy of fire, or creation. Create a habit of lighting an abundance candle every Thursday and watch the amazing results. (Need ready-made abundance candles. Check out a few of our recommendations here).

Very often we feel like we need to do the “big” things to evolve our magical practice. And the big things are great. But giving a rhythm to your week by doing a quick abundance spell each Thursday will really add up. You’ll see a difference in no time when you incorporate one (or all) of these three simple abundance spells to do on a Thursday.

There is abundance all around you. It’s just about allowing yourself to step into the flow of it. Best wishes to you, beautiful soul.