bell for abundance

The unexpected abundance spell you can “set and forget”

Do you remember the line in the old movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings?” There is indeed something magical about the tinkling of a bell. Now you can use that light, bright energy to “set and forget” your abundance magic.

It’s no secret that half of abundance work is about feeling abundant. Even though it can feel backwards (how can I feel abundant if I need so much I don’t have?) in the energetic world, energy matches energy. So that’s not to say you should go sit on a mountain and imagine you’re a billionaire and expect it to happen… you’ve still got to hustle to get there! But your spell work and intentions will work much better when you align with the spirit of abundance.

That’s where the bell comes in. Bells have been used throughout history as messengers, reminders, and space clearing objects. We’ve all heard church bells ringing. In secular ways, bells have been used for hundreds of years to mark the passage of time, sometimes by the hour. In Bali, bells are used for space-clearing, their clear sound chasing away negative energy.

In my home, I’ve consecrated a small bell to help me in my abundance work. Here’s how you can too:

  1. Buy a small bell with a sweet sound. I am madly in love with this one, especially because it serves a dual purpose. Many traditions believe that an elephant pointing inward at your front door invites abundance in. This is another good option. (Confession: I’ve got both).
  2. When it arrives, take a moment to cleanse it in your preferred way. If you like burning incense, frankincense and myrrh is particularly good for this. (Here’s my favorite). A quick rinse with Florida Water works well too (be sure to dry it completely if you wet it).
  3. Ask the universe (or, if you’re comfortable the spirits that watch over you) to consecrate the bell to a magical purpose. Every time it rings, the bell calls abundance to you, almost like a bell on a building alerting people where to go. So, too, does your bell draw attention to you from opportunities, beneficial people and all manners of luck. It’s okay if you’re not quite sure if this will work, or if you don’t understand how it will. Just give the job over to the universe and know that it is done.
  4. Hang it on a door you open often. If you have a home office, hang it on that door. If you’re in a small apartment within earshot of the front door, put it there. If you’re in a dorm and can’t make holes in doors, get some Command Strips and hang it that way. Both the bells suggested above are light and will hold up just fine with Command Strips.
  5. That’s it! That’s your “set it and forget it” magic door bell spell. You can take joy every time you hear the bell’s sweet ring, but don’t stress yourself out about it. If you do notice the bell ringing as you open and close the door, send out a moment’s gratitude for all the ways the universe is rearranging itself for your highest good, right in this moment. But if you notice that the bell has faded into the background and you don’t notice it every time, don’t worry about it. It’s still doing its work.

That’s it! A sweet and effortless abundance spell you can “set and forget.”

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